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Dyslexia Classroom 2

Dyslexia Classroom 2

Dyslexia Classroom Lesson Section 2 covers: Consonant blends and ends (eg: st, sn, cr, br, bl, nch) Most used High-Frequency words.

Wow! You have made it through Dyslexia Classroom 1… well done!

You are well on the way to reading successfully! In this section, we will cover consonant blends such as sp, sl, sn,sp, sm, sc, br, bl,fr,gr,gl,pl,pr,cl, dr and many more!

We will also learn how to say and spell ‘end’ sounds in words such as –nd, -nd, -mp, -nt,-nk and –nch. The videos will also cover further high frequency words from the first 100 high frequency word list.

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